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Sumeru French Fries Chilli Garlic

400 g
Rs. 125

Brand: Sumeru The French fries which has a flavour of chilli and garlic to thrill your taste buds. They're light and just the thing when you want something light and appetizing.

Food Type: Vegetarian

Allergen info (as provided by manufacturer): No Allergens

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Preservative Info: Stabiliser -Diphosphate (E 450), Acidity regulator- Malic acid (E 296)

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SafeToPlate Assured

Shelf Life: 365 Days

Best Before:  18-May-2023

True Best Before: 18-May-2023

*True Best Before Date is estimated by SafeToPlate based on how well the required temperature is maintained ex-factory. SafeToPlate monitors temperature at 15 mins intervals. Products seeing heavy temperature abuse are unsafe to consume and are not listed on SafeToPlate.