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Our Story


Breaking ground with AbleCold Logistics

We started with a mission to reduce food wastage in India and providing access to safe food to every consumer. We initiated AbleCold Logistics in Nov’17 – a supply chain service for brands, moving temperature-sensitive products from factories to distributors / retailers. By mid-2020, we had bootstrapped AbleCold to 15 cities and perfected transport and warehousing operations to maintain seamless temperature across the supply chain.


Unsolved problems

Despite the scale, we realized that we are still not solving the complete problem – with AbleCold, we could not control / impact food handling post-distributors and the food reaching consumer hands would still see enough temperature abuse, leading to wastage and rendering the food itself unsafe.

New Experiments

To address these gaps, we ran pilots in 2020 for SafeToPlate (originally NourishSafe), ThandiMandi (an ecommerce platform for temperature-controlled products for retailers) and ColdTruth (an initiative to increase awareness about critical aspects of Cold Chain and how it affects our daily life). The pilots passed with flying colors but more importantly, helped us understand the prevailing vicious cycle behind the continuing voluntary product temperature abuse post-distributors.

The vicious cycle of price-quality in India’s cold supply chain

Even for the brands / distributors / retailers with good intentions, breaking this vicious cycle a decade ago was nearly impossible due to lack of low-cost technology and low consumer willingness-to-pay, unfortunately making cutting corners on maintaining temperature the unsaid norm in India. With the commoditization of sensors / IoT, and an increased consumer appreciation for safety, this now has changed.


Path Forward

SafeToPlate is our first step to break the vicious price-quality cycle by making safe products accessible to consumers.

ThandiMandi extends a similar solution for the progressive brands / retailers and will be launched in 2021.

ColdTruth is our initiative to build consumer awareness around harmful effects of product temperature abuse.

With these initiatives, our aim is to get consumers to start asking the right questions and demanding their basic right of access to safe food, with a hope that this will initiate a positive change in the complete temperature-sensitive products ecosystem.