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How Temperature Abuse Affects The Taste of Your Food

How Temperature Abuse Affects The Taste of Your Food


Flavor is the most important factor influencing food buying and it often influences customer tastes, because as a result of consumer concerns, flavor issues come to light and flavor deficiencies in food goods are a significant source of consumer rejection. Over the past decade, Off Taste has been the focus of active studies, and over the years there have been numerous advances in analytical techniques.

Case in detail

This lack of freshness may be due to the formation of one or more compounds. It could also be the result of serious disturbances of various compounds constituting the flavour of a food product.

Contributors of cause in off flavour 

Lipid Oxidation :  

A negative reaction leading to off-flavor during food storage is due to auto oxidation or enzymatically driven degradation. The reaction of oxygen with unsaturated fatty acids causes lipid oxidation.

The oxidation of lipids depends on the temperature, and the rate is faster at higher temperatures thus more efficient in increasing the lipid oxidation efficiency.

 Microbial growth :

For instance, Fresh fish has a mild odor which develops a putrid and foul fishy odor when stored above freezing temperatures. Cells begin to lyse after killing the fish. For microbial off taste, the fish muscle offers a very perfect growth source. Fishy off flavor is due to generation of bacterial action.

Browning :

Flavour changes occur during heat treatment, The browning reaction produced during storage is undesirable. Browning pathways depend on the behavior of water, reactant current, temperature and pH, however temperature at which toasted, roasted nutty and meaty flavors are not developed and browning pathways then lead to stale green, sulphury notes and success at normal storage temperature is the primary cause for off flavor.


The sensitivity needed to detect the improper practice of storage and logistics in the food industry necessary cause for off-flavor compounds is currently lacking in generic screening methods and a more focused approach is needed.