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Comparing frozen food to frozen Captain America from Marvel

The misconception about Frozen Food being unhealthy

You see both frozen and fresh peas at your local supermarket. What do you end up buying? Fresh peas, right? Why? Because, well, “It’s fresh!” What if, in reality, what you’re buying is in fact, not fresh? 

Yes, that’s right. Fresh food, as you think, is not fresher or safer than frozen food. Case in point, fresh produce might not always be nutritionally exceptional because they tend to rapidly lose nutrients after harvesting. Studies have shown that fresh produce can lose up to 50% of vitamins within a week. However, if you do grow your own produce or get it straight from the farmer’s market, they are subsequently packed with nutrients.  

So how is Frozen food better? 

Just like how Captain America doesn’t age and retains his strength when frozen, freezing food prevents the breakdown of nutrients and increases the shelf life. This means the nutritional value of frozen food doesn’t deteriorate over time. It also puts a stop to microbial growth. Food, in general, is highly susceptible to bacterial contamination and can be easily identified from visual appearance or smell. Consuming these contaminated foods can lead to foodborne illness. 

If you’ve ever wondered how certain seasonal produce is available throughout the year, it's because they were preserved by freezing. 

Does this mean frozen food is not flawed? 

No, frozen food is still susceptible to nutrient loss and bacterial contamination. Packaging and storage play a key role in frozen food quality. Improperly packaged food loses moisture, texture, color, and flavor. Proper storage of frozen food is a major concern in the food industry. Temperature control is perhaps the most critical factor in making sure frozen food delivered to you is of the highest quality. Any degree of variation in temperature conditions can lead to temperature abuse. Click here to know how temperature abuse impacts the safety and nutrition of frozen food.