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Wide variety of Frozen food on a table

We are all exposed to frozen food in some way

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all consume frozen food products daily whenever we have a meal outside, whether it’s from your local fast-food chain or from that fancy restaurant that you visit on special occasions.  

The frozen food category embraces various classifications of food products consisting of fruits, vegetables, snacks, beverages, meat, seafood, baked goods and even desserts. 

There has been a rapid growth in the use of frozen food products in the food industry lately because it has made cooking preparations easy and convenient while providing us with a variety of options. 

What is the driving factor of this growth? Modern Cold Chain.

There has been a surge in the modern retail chains accompanied by refrigeration facilities available in rural and urban areas alike. The modern cold chain has helped improve the shelf lives of food products and preserve freshness. 

Frozen food products are a vital part of the restaurant chains and fast-food chains. 

They are either the final product or maybe a part of the ingredients used. Let’s take an example of Pizza. It’s the weekend and you order a Pizza to enjoy it while watching something on Netflix and the pizza arrives piping hot and looks so delicious and fresh! At first sight, can you make out if it has any frozen ingredients? You can’t. 

The dough which is used to make the crust and the veggies are usually frozen. But is that evident? No! We do not realize it. This is how we are consuming frozen products on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. 

So remember the next time that you are enjoying that burger along with your fries and the food tastes amazing and lip-smacking, it is because the frozen ingredients used in the process were handled and preserved carefully, if not, you know there was temperature abuse.