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Best Before v/s True Best Before

Does Best Before TRULY signify Best Before?

We all often check the backside of for the best before/expiry date for everything we buy; whether it be food or medicines or any packaged commodity for that matter. But how often have you emphasized on the conditions mentioned below the date? We never pay attention to the part that says best before "when stored at a certain temperature". This is why most food products tend to go stale or bad way before the best before date. We never wonder why and we end up throwing away the food. 

In order to assess this problem and thereby reduce food wastage, SafeToPlate provides a True Best Before date for food products.

What do you mean by True Best Before?

True "Best Before" is a metric defined by SafeToPlate to assess a more realistic "Best Before Date" based on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the supply chain. 

Research has shown that improper temperatures along the supply chain can significantly affect the safety, taste, and nutrition of foods that are temperature sensitive (such as Ice Creams, Meat, Fresh Produce etc.). In order to assess this and ensure that the food you consume is 'truly' safe and tasty, SafeToPlate has formulated this metric.