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India's First Food Delivery Brand that does Temperature-Controlled Deliveries

SafeToPlate Assured Brands

Progressive Brands that have committed to maintain temperature and transparently provide temperature details for their products.

Comparing frozen food to frozen Captain America from Marvel

The misconception about Frozen Food being unhealthy

You see both frozen and fresh peas at your local supermarket. What do you end up buying? Fresh peas, right? Why? Because, well, “It’s fresh!” What if, in reality, what you’re buying is in fact, not fresh? 
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Wide variety of Frozen food on a table

We are all exposed to frozen food in some way

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all consume frozen food products regularly. Don't agree with the fact? Read to know how or where you might be consuming frozen food.!
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Best Before v/s True Best Before

Does Best Before TRULY signify Best Before?

Have you ever wondered why most of your food products go stale way before the 'Best Before Date' mentioned on the pack?
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